Samsung Corby TXT GT-B3210

Samsung Corby TXT GT-B3210         

Your new text appeal

-Full QWERTY Keypad
-Google Talk Messenger
-7 Social Networking sites
-3.5 mm ear jack
-Chat Style SMS
-Call Recording

Samsung Corby Txt Overview

Cool colors let you communicate in style.
Corby TXT’s changeable, colorful Fashion Jackets let you dress it up and express it all – each and every mood you're in. Of course you're always in the mood for fun and its cool Cartoon UI makes using it a blast. But we don't want you to drop it, that's why the back of the Corby TXT bends in a wide, sweeping curve that's as practical as it is fashionable, giving you a firm and easy hold. There’s simply no denying that the Corby TXT really has a grip on style.

Txting fstr has never been smplr.

Say more while working less. The CorbyTXT features a thumb-friendly QWERTY keypad that makes texting friends fun, fast and easy. The spacious QWERTY keypad is laid out typewriter-style – just like that of your PC keyboard – so you won’t have to search and fumble for the right keys. Instead, you can tap out more messages in less time and offer lightning fast replies. The keypad even features convenient music and messaging shortcut keys for instant access to your favorite tunes and SMS.

Being sociable just got more accessible .

Whether you want to discuss weekend plans together or just have a laugh, CorbyTXT's cool Multi IM capabilities let you invite multiple contacts to chat at the same time. Multi IM also consolidates your instant messaging accounts into one easy connection so you can send and receive messages via Google talk, AIM, ICQ, Fring, and more…

Phonebook or funbook? Both.
You have fun with your friends, so why not make calling your friends fun? Instead of dialing from the same old boring contacts list, put your favorite friends in the Corby TXT’s buddy list, where phoning is fun, visual and super simple. You can even track messages and call histories with anyone on the list. With your best friends this close at hand you’re never really bored.

Texting that really pops.

Corby TXT makes it easy to follow your conversations. Each text message is displayed in special line-by-line combos with cool bubble-quote graphics so it reads like a dialog and makes it feel like you’re actually speaking – that’s the beauty of the Corby TXT’s Conversational SMS. A phone that makes texting simple and fun? Now you’re talking.

Email setup has never been so simple.

Ready set text with QWERTY training. 
Finally, being all thumbs is a good thing. Give those two big, bad digits a good workout and improve your mobile typing skills with fun, addictive QWERTY training games. Faster and more fun than solitaire, these games have a true sense of purpose – making you the fastest texter in your friend circle! 

Music player and FM radio .
Thanks to the CorbyTXT’s music player you can download and play your favorite tunes wherever you go. Its FM radio gives you even more to listen to – whenever, wherever. And when the DJ plays something you really like, just record it and play it again later.

2MP Camera

Leave your camera at home – the CorbyTXT turns can't-miss moments into 2MP photos. Smile Shot automatically captures your subjects at their happiest, Panorama Shot takes you wider and Continuous Shot helps you capture realistic action.