I have came across a few blogs promoting as a way to make some easy money.

So, what is and all the excitement that comes with it?

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Well, is just ANOTHER search engine trying to compete with other established ones like Google. You use search engine to find something on the internet by typing some keywords. function exactly like Google. Because is very new, they need to do something ‘extra‘ to compete with Google and other already established search engines.

By saying ‘compete‘ here I mean, wants you to switch from Google to when doing your search online. But, how can they do that? People love Google you see
Well, the owner of come up with the idea of PAYING the users!

Yup, they promise to give you some ‘shares‘ that entitled you for ‘dividends‘. From the dividends, you will get cash payment. Sounds exciting, right?

Yeah.. it’s a good concept of attracting people. But, it’s just still a concept hanging in the air. I will tell you why later on.

How Can You Get Shares on

Easy. Sign up with, log-in and do some searching with

You will get 1 share for each single search you do. You can do many searches on But, the maximum shares per day is only 5!

Estimated value of each share is USD $0.22. Means, if you got 10 shares, you have shares worth USD $2.20.

How Do I Earn More Shares?

Yup. You can get more shares by referring people.

For each successful signup, you’ll get 5 shares AND 20% of the number of shares that person earns.

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Is a Scam?

Well, I don’t think is a scam. Because it cost you nothing to join. You just need to sign-up and use as your new search engine.

But, I’m not sure whether you will get paid either. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a new concept with no proven track records. doesn’t start paying dividends out because, they has not get any advertiser to advertise on yet.

You see, promises to pay dividends from advertising fees that they get from advertisers. I bet there is none yet because is just an early stage. must get big traffic first before advertising starts coming in.

How to Cash Out Shares?

 I got SHARES worth USD $1.10 after completing 5 searches. Looks very exciting